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Program Detail


937 Route 103
Newbury, NH 03255

Mailing Address
PO Box 296
Newbury, NH 03255


(603) 763-4940 Service/Intake
(603) 763-5298 FAX
(603) 938-2064 Other 1

HOW TO APPLY:Go to your town or city hall/office and ask for the welfare official. Fill out their written
application. In some towns, you must apply to the selectmen for assistance. Someone
should always be available during normal business hours to take your application.
Calling town or city welfare is not effective as you cannot fill out their application over
the phone, and town welfare cannot approve or deny your request for help without
verifying your income, expenses, resources, and situation.

FEES:The town can ask you to repay assistance given if your income later increases to the point where paying back the town would not cause you financial hardship. You can reapply for assistance anytime you need help. The town can not refuse to help you just because you have not repaid the past assistance.

The town may ask for information about some of your relatives (parents, children, stepchildren or spouse. New Hampshire law permits the town to contact relatives for reimbursement of the amount of assistance provided to you, but only if the relative can afford to help provide for your support. The town or city cannot deny assistance because your relatives fail to provide information or support.

ELIGIBILITY:Income restrictions
Resident - residency is based on where you have been staying recently.
Eligibility is based on actual need, so the town should help with necessary expenses that your income does not cover.

HOURS:Mon. - Fri., 8 am - 4 pm

DOCUMENTS:The town should give you a written application to fill out which asks you about your income and expenses.

Bring a list of monthly expenses, pay stubs, bills, rent slips, shut-off and/or eviction notices to your interview with the town welfare. It is important to provide proof of income coming into your household, proof of residency in the town where you are applying, photo ID, and proof of your household expenses.

SERVICE DESCRIPTION:In New Hampshire, people with little or no income may be entitled to financial help from their town or city.
New Hampshire law (RSA 165) requires each town and city to have a local welfare program to help people who are in need of financial assistance in meeting their basic living needs. The role of local town and city welfare is to relieve and maintain residents of their towns/cities whenever a person is unable to support themselves.

Each New Hampshire town has a town or city welfare office, usually located within the Town Office. This is a separate resource from State Welfare/Dept. of Health and Human Services that provide long term assistance.

Local town welfare programs are required to provide financial assistance for basic necessities such as food, shelter, rent, mortgage payments, heat, electricity, gas, water, necessary clothing, transportation, and prescriptions. Basic telephone service may be paid if necessary for health and safety reasons.

Towns must also help with "maintenance" items such as paper products, household supplies, diapers, etc..

Towns should pay security deposits if necessary to obtain housing. Necessary medical costs should be paid if there is no other way to obtain essential medical services.

The town may decide that a certain expense, such as a car payment, is not necessary. This may happen when a reasonable lower cost option is available, such as public transportation.

The town should issue a written decision on your application within 3 to 5 days of your application. If there is an emergency, the town should make a decision immediately. The written decision should tell you how much and what kind of help the town will give.

You can't be denied assistance just because:
*You have lived in town only a short time
*You have received help in the past, or have not repaid help you received in the past
*The town says they don't have enough money in the budget
*You receive other state or federal assistance (However if you receive APTD or OAA, speak with the Legal Advice & Referral Center(LARC) for further information

If you think that your request for help has been wrongly denied, call the Legal Advice & Referral Center for assistance. You have the right to appeal and request a hearing. If you have questions about this process, please call the Legal Advice and Referral Center for assistance.


  • Burial/Cremation Expense Assistance
  • Electric Service Payment Assistance
  • Heating Fuel Payment Assistance
  • Homeless Financial Assistance Programs
  • Mortgage Payment Assistance
  • Prescription Expense Assistance
  • Property Tax Payment Assistance
  • Rent Payment Assistance
  • Water Service Payment Assistance

SITE HOURS:Mon. - Fri., 8 am - 4 pm

SERVICE SUMMARY:Welfare Department for Town of Newbury

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The community resource directory information is up-to-date to the best of our knowledge. However, you should always call the provider to confirm this information and make an appointment. Be sure to confirm payment information with the provider, if payment is required. 2-1-1 New Hampshire does not rate, recommend or endorse any agency. We simply provide information as a public service to those in need.